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Whether it’s lockdown brain having gotten the best of us or whether we’re simply just a little lazy – we’re always on the lookout for life hacks that are going to make our life a little easier.

I don’t know about you, but something I need to be better at is clearing the abundance of frozen food scattered across my freezer drawers – from fries to peas.

Do you happen to have the same issue? If so, we might have a solution for you.

One woman has come forward to share how to rectify this easy problem – with a hack for doing up food packaging that people are describing as “life-changing”.

@swanbranduk Save your chips from falling out of the bag with this hack #lifehacks #kitchenhack #chipshack #homehacks #fyp ♬ woo x i was never there – xxtristanxo
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Sharing the tip on social media platform TikTok, under the username @swanbranduk, they demonstrated how you can simply stop your chips from falling out of the bag by doing one simple thing.

And that’s by tying the bag together. It seems too simple, right?

They demonstrate in the clip how you just need to take a pair of scissors and make two simple cuts in your bag of chips.

“Save your chips from falling out of the bag with this hack”, they wrote.

In the video – which has changed the game for the one million viewers who have watched the video – a woman started by cutting two slits either end of the bag.

She then proceeded to further cut the packet with scissors to create an opening for the chips to fall out – rather than completely ripping the packet open.

Grabbing either end of the bag, she then twisted the pieces round and tied them together to create an easy knot.

Viewers were undoubtedly left stunned and many took to the comments to share their thoughts, with some users claiming that they have done the hack for several “years”.

“That’s actually a good one,” one user penned.

“That’s actually a genius idea,” a second gushed beside a lightbulb emoji.

A third wrote: “I have did this for years.”

“Wow life-changing,” a fourth added.