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We know Tom Brady is back for the 2022 season.

Beyond that? Everything’s up in the air.

In a sprawling interview with Variety, Brady — who turns 45 next month — acknowledged he’s “very close” to the end of his career. But he insists he doesn’t know if this will be his final year.

“I would say it’s year to year,” Brady told Ramin Setoodeh. “Could this be my last year? Absolutely. Could I change my mind? Absolutely. I’ve realized I don’t have five years left. I want to do it my way. I want to give it everything I got and see where I’m at. My body feels really good. I’ve had a lot of traumatic injuries over the years, but if things go really smoothly and we win, that’d be great.”

If the Buccaneers win Super Bowl LVII in February, it would be Brady’s eighth world championship and second in three years with Tampa Bay.

“I think that would obviously be the greatest way to end,” Brady said. “I just have a competitive fire that got the best of me.”

Brady’s 40-day retirement came to an end in March on the eve of free agency. At the age of 44, Brady led the league with 5,316 yards passing and 43 touchdowns in 2021.