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Every office has one: the greedy colleague who helps themselves to other people’s lunch in the communal fridge.

It’s a common problem for co-workers, but usually it involves human food – not dog’s.

One woman has found herself in a sticky situation after realising someone is eating her dog’s peanut butter in work, and she suspects it’s her boss.

Before confronting him directly, she has set up a sneaky plan to work out who the culprit really is.

Writing on a Mumset post under the username AlpacaBag, she said: “I bring my dog to work once a week.

“To keep him entertained if he gets a bit fed up, I put some of his peanut butter on a lucky mat for him.

“Went to the jar today and I swear it has gone down since last time – colleague says they haven’t touched it, surely the dog hasn’t helped himself so that just leaves the boss.”

With fear of embarrassing him by asking him outright, she’s “drawn a tiny mark on the jar to monitor the situation”.

Whilst she awaits the verdict, she asked fellow social media users whether she should jokingly “bring him a ham bone and tell him he’s a good boy”, or just let him carry on.

The hilarious thread had mixed reviews, with some people telling her to leave it and others insisting she must speak up.

Few people made some comical suggestions.

One said: “Set up a secret recorder in the cupboard so we can see his face when he realises what he’s been eating lol.”

Another joked: “Throw a stick while your work colleagues are around, whoever makes a dash for it must be the dog food thief.”

And a third wrote: “Let your dog lick the peanut butter directly from the jar. Take a picture. Share it with your boss with the caption, ‘Awww, he loves his peanut butter. He’d lick the jar clean if I let him.”

Other people commented that the peanut butter would likely be “bland” in taste and said they were surprised he ate it.

“Does your boss appear to have a shinier coat, or wet nose, wag his finger a lot? If so I would assume that he is at the peanut butter,” someone humorously said.

The woman has since added an update to say it “doesn’t really matter but it’s funny”.

“No sign of boss yet this morning, but I have brought bread for the staffroom so if anyone wants toast they can help themselves…” she finished.